Boyun Fıtığı Ameliyatı

There are many methods used for neck canal surgery. The hernias, which are still at an initial level, can be treated by shrinking the stomach through a needle that is inserted into the neck without sleeping. The exploded hernia is emptied from the front by microsurgery and replaced with a high-tech prosthesis that allows the patient to perform neck movements as if they were their own. In more advanced hernias, screws, plaque-like platelets may need to be inserted into the neck during surgery. In hernia associated with very advanced arthritis, the operation is performed by the back of the patient’s neck, that is, by removing a set of bones from the incision and screwing them again.

If a neck stuck to the patient after her neck surgery, she will do it in a month. After these operations, a long rest period is not needed, and the patient can return to work after 3-5 days. However, after the first month, physical therapy is required. For the heavy sports you have always done, the movements given by the physiotherapists are returning after 3-4 months regularly. Here we want to remind you that life will continue; When traveling as a driver or passenger in any vehicle, it is necessary to adjust the headrest of the seat so that it always rests on the back of the head.

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