Beyin Tümörü Ameliyatı

The actual treatment of brain tumors is done surgically. In brain operations, the brain tries to avoid touching parts of the brain that think, speak, see, move the whole body. In other words, we can say that brain tumor surgery is not touched by the brain. How can brain tumors be removed without touching the brain? This is where the fascinating part of the brain surgeon lies.

Brain surgeries are done under microscope, ie the surgical field is enlarged about 40 times and done with very precise instruments. This is called microsurgery. Without touching the brain, the brain can reach through the folds. Of course, do not think it’s an easy task to find out where your brain is.

To find the location of the tumor, which may be too small or at the depths of the brain, a model adapted to the operating theater, or “neuronavigation”, is used, which is similar to the voyages of ships in the open seas.

First the tumor is inserted into the tumor and the tumor is evacuated from the inside to the outside. Even high-tech appliances that use very high energy, such as laser, and very small areas, are being exploited for special tools that break down brain tumors with sound waves.

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