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3 in one!
Zero Risk, 100% Success, Shortest Run Time

Zero risk, one hundred percent success, work as soon as possible. Would not it be nice to bring these three elements together? But it should not be forgotten that it took centuries to combine the first two for lumbar spine surgery …

We know very well that we can talk about 100% success in very little medicine. It is not hard to guess how strong knowledge, experience and institutionalization are required.

Riski can be reset if it is due to the high technology used in the whole process, which goes from cure to cure. Brain, nerve and spinal surgeon is a branch where the latest developments in technology are introduced into the day. In this way, we can reduce the risk to zero for our patients.

If we do not develop high technology, especially technology in our country, it is inevitable that it has a high level of quality. Unfortunately, no state in the world is a source of the most advanced technology.

In this case, it is not easy to find the most appropriate point in the triangle of the devil, which is mentioned above in heading, which falls to the patient and the surra, by hand.


Laminectomy is the medical name of surgery for the lumbar spine. This operation is done under microscope magnification, seeing everything in detail. First a piece of bone called a lamina is shaved and a small bone window is opened here. Here, the cartilaginous structure is called disk is emptied, and if there are pieces broken off from this cartilage construct, they are also cleaned. Bone parts of the nerve root are cleaned. Later, to prevent adhesion, a piece of the subcutaneous fat tissue is placed on the resulting gap and the operation is terminated.

Laparoscopy, Endoscopy

Lumbar spinal surgery can now be performed by endoscopy or laparoscopy. In these surgeries, there is a cut of a millimeter, and the operation is done with a very thin instrument. The reason is that the burned disc is evacuated and the remaining portion is reduced with an appropriate amount of energy. In addition, the bone fragments that are sometimes nervous can also be cleaned. These operations are often performed by local anesthesiologists. On the day the patient is operated, she can go home on foot in a few hours.


Microsurgery means that the operation is done under the microscope. In this method, the operation place can be seen very detailed and very fine tipped instruments can be used. In this respect, the healthy tissues in the environment are not harmed, the operation can be done in a very short time, and the patient can be removed on the day when the surgery is performed. . Because the post-operative pain is minimal, the person can return to active life immediately.

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